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CNC Turret Punching Services

Profab Coventry provides CNC Turret Punching services to companies throughout the UK. We have a super efficient and high performance 20 station CNC Turret Punch machine with cababilities of punching most types of metals and items up to 2500x900mm.

Our CNC Turret Punching Services guide

CNC Turret Punching is a way of creating different basic shapes in sheet metal such as circles, squares and rectangles. It is a cost effective way of cutting sheet metal in moderate to long runs and it can also produce two dimensional shapes including cutouts.

Examples of the types of items that would require this could be metal brackets, metal panels and tools. CNC turret punching is commonly applied to alluminium, stainless steel, steel and brass.

The correct punch shape and size is selected at the turret and the machine creates the punch to produce the required hole. For alternative shapes such as oblong, rounded rectangles, or other non round or square openings several punches may be needed to produce the required opening in the metal.

Our lead time

Whether you require some prototypes or several thousand parts, we can determine the turn around time you require and get the job done in a speedy time using the technology and machinery that is best suited for your order.

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If you need any further details or advice about what is suitable for your requirements please get in touch with us today and one of our management team will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.