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Laser Cutting services

Our laser cutting service has advanages over alternative cutting methods. Profab has its own Fibre Laser Cutter and a CO2 Laser Cutter to ensure we are able to compete and produce work at the very highest levels.

  • Non Contact, force free machining of materials
  • Higher cutting speeds
  • Little or no distortion
  • Holes and cutouts of any shape can be lasered
  • Good clean edge
  • No tooling costs
  • All programmes stored for future retrieval or repeat orders
  • DXF files can be used
  • Patterns can be developed for folding (you can just supply an engineering drawing or flat blank)
  • Parts can be completed from start to finish (so NO running round from factory to factory)

our capabilities

Our machinery has the capabilities of cutting intricate details into metal with absolute precision to ensure a perfect cut and finish to all types of metal products and machine components.

  • Mild Steel up to 12mm thick
  • Stainless Steel up to 8mm clean cut
  • Aluminium up to 8mm thick
  • Brass up to 2mm thick

We are happy to discuss your requirements so get in touch with us today. We can usually quote for laser cutting requests in 48 hours.