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Presswork Forming

Our CNC presswork forming processes and techniques give us the capability to create high quality components.

What is presswork forming 

Presswork is a method used to form sheet metal into different shapes by using a press machine. When the press is finished, the piece is the same shape as the tool that has been used. This means that every component needs a customized tool and a corresponding tool for the press machine’s lower part.

Our presses have the capability for blanking, piercing, forming and drawing, which can then be assembled or welded in our factory if required. We can make small batches through high volume production runs at very competitive prices and transport to any UK location or abroad.

Presswork can be needed for many different uses and so we also welcome individuals who may need our presswork services to complete a project for domestic use.

We are able to roll lengths of 1250ml long to the capabilities listed below:- 

  • Mild Steel up to 3mm
  • Aluminium up to 5mm
  • Stainless Steel up to 3mm
  • However longer lengths can be achieved by coining.

We have the ability to fold up to 3 metres long in a wide range of materials

  • Mild Steel thickness 4mm
  • Aluminium thickness 6mm
  • Stainless Steel thickness 3mm
  • Shorter lengths will increase the maximum thickness capabilities.
  • Cylindrical and Conical forming

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